Contributing to better health for the european citizens



Working Groups

Trying to gather all actors of Global Health and to establish links will all the European bodies, we anticipate working groups (task forces)to further explore the themes highlighted by our initial study.

These groups are composed of experts, EIH and Accenture representatives, Universities and researchers, sponsors and partners, European Commission Observers.

During 2011/2012, 2 groups were formed and worked regularly on the following themes:

Working group 1 : ‘'Prevention as a new paradigm''
      (Should Prevention be integrated in European healthcare strategies?)

Working group 2 : ‘'Ubiquitous and cost effective technologies''
      (Could technologies provide European citizen a better access to healthcare?)

Now, the work of these groups have been completed: the results are published. Download WG1 and WG2

Working Group 3, since mid 2014 EIH has started a WG on  "new perspectives on insurance and Global health''


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