Contributing to better health for the european citizens



What are we



To contribute to the improvement of health in Europe in a prospective approach
– By anticipating the changes on health at large
– Science & technology
– European consumers expectations, lifestyle and ageing
– Medical practices and actors
– Health governance
– By contributing to guidelines definition in Europe
– Through studies, seminars and various publications
– Through work groups (task forces)
– By sharing effective and innovative solutions
– By facilitating exchanges among member states helping them to find common diagnostics and solutions for the next decades to improve the global health in Europe.



What we offer

We believe we offer a unique opportunity for public, private and non profit-making sectors to be involved in developing health policy.



Corporate governance

We are a non profit-making body: independent, free standing and transparent.
We have a board, comprising health professionals and managers, academics, policy-makers, patient representatives and people in health related industries.

Management and location

We are based in Brussels, and headed by an Executive Director who operates from offices in Brussels and Paris.




Sponsorship - general and for specific projects.
Income from activities e.g. attendance fees and subscriptions.



Membership and support

We work with EU bodies, WHO and gouvernments, academic bodies, health related industries, professional bodies, patient groups.
We have different types of membership - founder, individual, institutional. and, partnerships with supporting bodies.



Identification of issues/projects

Our focus is on major emerging issues (in public and animal health, health care services, medicines, medical devices, food) where Government policy is a crucial element. We do not cover matters that are primarily for clinical or professional decision.



Project planning

Each project has four stages:
- we select a project after wide consultation
- we commission independent study and draft policy guidelines from universities or comparable bodies
- we arrange seminars to discuss and agree policy guidelines
- EIH board approves policy guidelines for presentation and for publication



Approach to projects

Our aim is to produce practical evidence-based policy guidelines, not lengthy reports. The final content will be the responsibility of EIH alone. But sponsors, supporters and all actors will be involved up to that stage.



What EIH offers

We believe we offer independence, flexibility, the ability to reach decisions quickly and
the opportunity to discuss policy proposals with policy-makers and different actors before decisions are taken at European and national level. We try to provide to European actors a new opportunity to contribute to policy development at an early formative stage



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