Contributing to better health for the european citizens





Governance & Organization



Non-profit making body (AISBL) registered in Belgium.



Board membership

John Bowis, United Kingdom (policy-making)

Jos Draijer, Netherlands (policy-making)

Strachan Heppell, United Kingdom (policy-making)

Christian Labrousse, France (university) Secretary

Maria Maccarone, Italy (patient organization)

Bernard Mesuré, France (industry) Chairman

Helmut Voigtländer, Germany (international cooperation)

Our aim is to have members from policy making, health professions and management, universities, health-related industries and patient organisations. All members serve on a personal, not representative, basis.



Audit Committee

Board responsibilities
Executive organisation

Headed by an Executive Director who operates from offices in Brussels and Paris.

Key values of Institute

- Independent
- Even-handed
- Transparent Budget

- Organisational (fixed costs) budget
- Project (activities) budget




- Sponsorship through corporate partners in public, private and voluntary sectors
- Project funding from group of sponsors



Communications strategy

- Policy of transparency
- Publication of all project outcomes
- Networking with organisations across Europe who are concerned with health issues
- Web-site



Working with partners

We develop partnerships with bodies with an interest in health policy-making, including
bodies that sponsor the Institute's activities.




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